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BigLoowi for Ages 1-3 Years ♥ BIG LOVES ♥ BIG LOVE ♥
May 27, 2018 Ania
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       Although the bricks appeared only a few days ago in Poland, I do not wait, I do not test, I only recommend, because I know them well. And you too! Big Loowi are building blocks for ages 1-3 years, large (75 mm!), Round with original, single-point connection. You know them in the smaller version as Loowi (for ages 3+ years), which last year won the most important toy prizes: You, parents in Best Toy 2017 and experts in the World Friendly Child.

       Thanks to their impressive size (75 mm!) BigLoowi are good for small hands, but also for people who need hand therapy, and - now read carefully - for seniors. Those who already have problems with the efficiency of their hands.
       They can improve this efficiency, and by the way, play with their grandchildren or great-grandchildren, while building good relationships and creating great memories.


       Today I will not exceptionally describe you how we used to play with blocks at home, because I want to tell you when I discovered the therapeutic power of Loowi . I had the opportunity to pass two large boxes to Loowi to the center where children aged 6-16 live. It was part of a packet of games and books, but then I had doubts whether these blocks were a good idea - after all they are for younger children. I was very surprised when, after a while, you called me from the center and thanked you mainly for the blocks! She said that not only are 6-8 years old playing with them. But there are also older boys who do not build instructions, but put together blocks during conversations. Yes, to take your hands. And it turns out that it quietens and relaxes well.

       It reminded me of how during the live I was telling you about Loowi, I was laying mindless blocks all the time. I do not know if you remember it, but I laughed it was so nice that it's hard to put it down .

       Another situation is related to a completely different age group. Namely, with ... seniors, and people with strokes or other health deficits. I have been spending a lot of time every day in hospitals, centers, and therapies where I see people with seniors' illnesses, after accidents and strokes. I see what help they work with and I always come to the same conclusion: if we have such a person at home, we can use in her therapy (not only curative, but also to prevent disease processes) a part of OUR CHILDREN TOYS! That's why so often in my reviews you see the addition "great also for seniors" It's no accident whether the slogan is the result of my most difficult life experience.

       Immediately when I started to put blocks to Loowi I thought that it would be perfect for seniors if they were ... a bit larger. I applied to Tomek Pałasz at , and he said it was great because he wants to introduce such a Big Loowi. And that he immediately sends projects for printing sample models! It's been several months and I have in my hands a large Loowi, blocks for 3 years, and I would also add "and for seniors". Now you understand why it is really an important toy for me.


       Loowi are typical constructional blocks, i.e. a repetitive, uniformly sized shape. As a toy, they enjoy the most ambitious and developing opinion. The child gets the same elements and has the task of building them from the instructions (always start from that, it's something like a test drive shows the possibilities of blocks), and then designs from your own head.

       These blocks have many advantages, but FIVE is in my opinion the most important, especially for the youngest engineers, and children who do not like to play with blocks: 

🔵 They are so large that a child can very quickly build a structure of impressive size, which he proudly shows parents, a peer group, or will play with.
🔵 They have a unique way of connecting, which allows you to start a building very easily - one-point, with a round head. The two connected blocks can easily be moved relative to each other.
🔵 You can build rounded, organic shapes from them.
🔵 Blocks are perfect for kids as numbers, for playing in collections, for estimation (same shape, different colors).
🔵 Maneuvering round, colorful balls quietens and allows you to calm down.

       How do we build? There are two possible ways. We construct flat (on the table, the floor is arranged in a kind of contours) and spatially. We use flat blocks to create "pictures", letters, numbers. We build spaces, animals, machines, creatures, everything that we find in the instructions or we come up with.


       Big Loowi's sets are available in three sizes and three types of boxes. At the same time, all boxes have the features that we like: they are transparent (important because it facilitates picking out the needed block by peeping through the walls of the package, not pouring), strong (if they were paper, then with their size and so we would have to buy the right box), closed and have a handle that makes it easy to carry.

       Remember that with blocks of this size, fun in the garden or in general on the open air is the most desirable. You do not have to be afraid that Big Loowi will get lost in the grass. It would be really difficult to overlook them.

🔵 The smallest box with a diameter of 16 cm and a height of 22 cm, 44 blocks and a price of PLN 99.90 ➡ CLICK
🔵 The medium box is 25 × 24 × 27 cm, 110 pieces and the price is PLN 199.90 ➡ CLICK
🔵 The largest set is a box size 41 × 28 × 22 cm, 200 elements and a price of PLN 319.90 ➡ CLICK 

       Once again, pay attention to the size of the block - 75 mm in length! Yes, it's been building blocks for 3 years, but if our three-year-old has a sibling one year younger, he can also join in with fun.


       Loowi blocks in the basic version you can see here LOADS ➡ CLICK . This is a unique toy, which more than 700 jurors' parents awarded the title of the BEST TOY 2017 ➡ CLICK. And the jury experts awarded Loowi the main prize in the competition CHILDREN FRIENDLY WORLD (gala of awards is in the coming week, I will show you everything).

       All blocks from this series can be found here: TOYS LOVING ➡ CLICK ,
and a new, bigger model here: BIG LOOWI ➡ CLICK.


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